Butchery Courses

Reconnect with the meat you eat, learn basic butchery skills, and see things from our side of the counter!

Butchery courses are held on-site in our cutting room and are conducted by Stephen Prince and his highly qualified staff.


Each course is limited to only 1 attendee due to safety restrictions on space. All coats, aprons and  protective equipment will be provided. Places on the courses are on a strict first-come, first-served basis so don’t hang around!


This is a very hands-on course in order to give you the best instruction and demonstrations possible. We ask that you respect the tools while under our guidance as they are, naturally, very sharp.

To enquire about our courses, please call the shop on 01483 767114

Address: 107 High St. Horsell, Surrey GU21 4SY


Phone: 01483 767 114

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