Our Animals' Welfare and Provenance

Prince & Sons spend a lot of time and effort working with all our suppliers to enable them to produce the best quality meat for our customers.


We know the importance of provenance and animal welfare and we have full traceability from field to fork.


We have a great team who feel passionately about what they do and how they do it to give our customers not only great products but customer satisfaction.


Our Beef 

Our beef is local English beef from Surrey farms and some rare breed longhorn beef and red poll. We buy beef with good definition of fat to ensure excellent natural marbling, essential for succulent and tasty meat.


Our beef is hung for a minimum of 14 days extending up to 40 days to provide beautiful meat, which is tender, rich and full of flavour.


This ensures that the breeds we use are fed with a natural diet free from growth hormones and additives. It is then aged and butchered on our premises.


Our Poultry

When it comes to really tasting the difference between a great quality product and an average product, the variation in the quality of Whole Chickens is probably the easiest to recognise.

That is why we’ve gone to great lengths to find the very best Whole Chickens available both as regular and corn-fed for a mouth-watering buttery taste.


Our Pork

Our pork is the finest free range pork from fully traceable farms, enjoying a natural free-range life. This all helps to produce great British pork with a superior flavour.


We are award-winning sausage makers. All our sausages are made with free range local pork using only the finest ingredients and, of course,
real skins.



Our Lamb

As lamb is seasonal we buy various breeds from different regions throughout the year. We source lamb from the Southdowns, the West Country and Wales as well as Salt Marsh from farms in the East and special breeds from the Berkshire Downs.

We buy whole lambs and age them for a further 7-10 days to mature the meat resulting in a wonderful texture and flavour.


Our Game

Game meat refers to the meat from any land animal that is hunted for food, and is not typically raised on farms. We source our game as locally as possible and offer a good range often not easily found elsewhere. This includes rabbit, venison, English rose veal, pheasant, pigeon and more. Because this type of meat comes from wild animals who hunt and forage for their food, it is typically richer in flavour and leaner in fat, making it a fantastic gourmet option!


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