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Our Meat, Welfare & Provinence 

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Free Range Chicken Farm


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We buy our Beef from farms all across Surrey, alongside our specials, which occasionally include Rare Breed Longhorn, Wagyu, and Scotch. We aim to buy Beef with good definition of fat to ensure excellent natural marbling which is essential for succulent and tasty meat. Our Beef is hung for a minimum of 14 days extending to 40 to provide beautiful meat which is tender, rich and full of flavour. All of our Beef is free range and fed on a natural diet, free from growth hormones and additives. 


When it comes to tasting the difference between supermarket meat and butchers meat, Chicken is probably the one which is most noticeable. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best free range Chickens that are available on the market. We have many chicken products available at all times in the shop, and they're definitely some of our best sellers. 


Our Pork is the finest free range pork from fully traceable farms, enjoying a natural free range life. This all helps to produce Great British Pork with a superior flavour. This is all very important to us, as this is also what goes in our award winning sausages, so keeping our products up to a high standard is on the top of our priority list. 


As Lamb is seasonal, we buy various breeds from different regions throughout the year. We source our Lamb from the Southdowns, The West Country and Wales, as well as Salt Marsh from farms in the East and special breeds from the Berkshire Downs. We buy in our Lambs whole and age them ourselves for a further 7-10 days to mature the meat, resulting in a wonderful texture and flavour.


Game meat refers to the meat from any land animal that is hunted for food, and is not typically raised on farms. We source our game as locally as possible and offer a good range often not easily found elsewhere. This includes rabbit, venison, English rose veal, pheasant, pigeon and more. Because this type of meat comes from wild animals who hunt and forage for their food, it is typically richer in flavour and leaner in fat, making it a fantastic gourmet option!


Members of the Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association, which sets the standard for top quality in Christmas turkeys, the brothers oversee the extraordinary care and attention given to every bird on their farm. Using traditional animal husbandry, their aim is to give all the free range bronze a long and healthy life.

In 2019 the Wreathalls introduced traditionally reared free range geese to the farm.

From the day they arrive at the farm as chicks, the turkeys and geese are fed on a natural wheat and vegetable diet, free of additives, drugs or growth promoters.

Reared with the greatest care for welfare and the environment, the birds are housed in buildings giving both natural light and ventilation, with the free range turkeys and geese roaming grassy paddocks during the day. At night all the birds are bedded down on the farm’s home-grown wheat straw.

Allowed to grow slowly to full maturity, Appledore Turkeys and Geese have a distinctive taste and texture that is certain to deliver a truly special Christmas meal.

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